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Skateboard and Streetboard reviews

Welcome to our skateboard streetboard reviews. Where we look at the hippest and coolest skateboard and streetboards.

Dimension Campaign Gotthard Pilsner ‘Free Bindings’ Street Board

hardware dimension campaign gotthard pilsner free bindings gotthard

The dimension company has released the Gotthard Pilsner pro model boards after a very long gap comprising a span of ten years. This board is different from the Sergi Nicholas board which has been manufactured by the same company. The graphics which have been used in the creation of these boards is the main point of difference apart from the shape of the center bar of the board and the stance which can be assumed by the person who is using the surfboard. The Gotthard Pilsner board will project slightly outwards when compared to the Sergi Nicholas board which is completely straight. Grip tape which has been cut previously will also be included as a part of this package.

Product Features

Highland Gothard Pilsner Street Board
Stance: 54 cm
Terrain: All around / Street
Slick: Slide-Rite

RRP £134.99

Highland Click Streetboard Features OG Pivoting System For Perfect Grinds and Steering

highland click streetboard

The high land click street board is one of the most financially feasible and cost effective means of entering the world of street boarding. This street board has a width of 16cm and it has been specially designed for people who have a height below 150 cm and who would like to enjoy the art of street boarding.

But it is possible for all people who are entering the world of street boarding for the first time to make use of this highland board with ease. This board can be used for skating on half pipes, skate-parks and also for skating on the street. An OG pivoting system has been installed for proper grinding and steering.

Highland Click Streetboard

RRP £59.99

Product Features

Designed for riders under to 150cm
It comes with Mercury trucks
OG pivoting system for perfect grinds and steering

Highland Cartel Classic Streetboard : A Great Board For Riding Anywhere

highland cartel click wood streetboard

The Highland cartel classic street board is an improved version from the street boards which had been manufactured in the year 2005. These street boards have been designed in such a manner that they will be able to accommodate street riders who perform the art of street riding in many different styles and also the different personalities of the different street riders.

The process of creating a street board after such a large amount of in-depth research is not an easy task and these street boards can be used for street riding in any part of the world. This board is extremely light and hence it can be thrown easily from one place to another.

RRP £129.99

Product Features

Bar = 55cm stance, 24cm wide, 9.6cm wide bar neck, 32.5cm effective edge. Slick.
Footplates = 25cm wide 12.5cm long nose/tail on footplates. Slick.
All Highland wood parts are 9 ply Canadian maple.
Trucks = Polished “Mercury” / 58mm 95a wheels / Abec 5 bearings

Street Surfing The Wave Original Caster Board

street surfing the wave original caster board

Have you ever seen Wave street surfer in action? If you haven’t, you should. Next thing you know, you’ll want to feel the same sensation of surfing, skateboarding, and snow boarding in a single fun design. Wave board runs on 2 wheels rather than 4, this way, it will give you the ability to perform precision 360 degrees in small spaces, carve downhill, and even ride uphill, a cool ride for all ages.

Street surfing the wave original caster board riders are able to perform various skating tricks, such as: board leaps, ollies, kick flips, and many more. What makes this board special? Well, the wave is distinguished by a spring-oriented torsion bar that controls the flexible front and rear panels, along with a pair of fully rotating 360-degree wheels with ABEC-5 bearings. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to ride this cool board. Interested?

RRP £64.50

Product Features

Flexible platform for sharp turns and 360′s
Two wheels with ABEC5 Bearings that rotate 360 degrees
Self Propelled, push off only once
Carve Downhill like a snowboard Ride Uphill
Improves balance, strength and agility
Easy and fun to Ride
Combines Surfing, snow boarding and skateboarding
Measures 90cm x 25cm x 15cm
Weight Capacity 115kg

Black Matt Target Stylish and Cool Helmet

Classic matt black helmet

Black Matt Target Helmet provides you a cool and stylish helmet which usually found on some high price point American helmets. These helmets are packed in reusable net bags and available in different sizes.

RRP £19.95

Product Features

re-useable net bags
X/Small – 50 to 52cm; Small – 52 to 54cm; Medium – 55 to 57cm; Large – 57 to 59cm; X/Large – 60 to 62cm