Excalibur Crossbow Reviews

Excalibur Ibex Pennsylvania Red Dot Scope Lite Stuff Crossbow Package

Crossbow Description

Excalibur Crossbow Reviews
The Excalibur Ibex Crossbow combines an ergonomic thumbhole stock with the Phoenix’s precision 175 lb. shooting platform to create an even more compact hunting crossbow with power to spare!

Smooth and silent, but oh so deadly, the new Excalibur Ibex Crossbow will churn a 350 grain arrow out at over 305 FPS, and it does it with minimal noise and recoil. Combine this performance with the Ibex’s compact frame and light weight and you’ve got a crossbow that will comfortably fill your bow hunting needs without the stress and strain of ultra high draw weight or extremely long string travel. The Ibex comes decorated in Realtree AP HD camouflage using the amazing Kolorfusion process to provide the ultimate in contrast and detail, features quick detach sling studs, and is drilled and tapped to accept Excalibur’s scope and quiver mounts.

IBEX Pennsylvania Red Dot Lite Stuff Pkg Description


– “Realtree AP HD” Kolorfusion Finish
– Thumbhole Stock
– 175 LB. Draw Weight
– 14.5″ Power Stroke
– 305-FPS**
– Manual Safety
– Excel String
– Dissipator Bars
– Sound and Recoil Suppression System
– Red Dot Scope
– Scope Mount
– Scope Rings
– Excalibur 4-Arrow “Realtree AP HD” Quiver
– Quiver Bracket
– 4 FireBolt Carbon Arrows
– 4 Target Points
– Rope Cocking Aid

** Using Excalibur’s optional #1989 Flemish Dyna Flight String

Excalibur Relayer Y25 Crossbow

Excalibur Relayer

Crossbow Description

To commemorate Excalibur’s 25th anniversary we have produced a very special limited production crossbow, the Relayer Y25. Only 1000 of this crossbow model will ever be produced! Named after our very first model, each Relayer Y25 features a handsome stock made from multicolored laminated hardwood and is finished in a durable low gloss urethane.

Limbs on this exclusive hunting crossbow will be decorated in “Realtree AP” camouflage. The Relayer Y25 is tastefully checkered and will feature a laser engraved 25th anniversary logo, serial number on the forend, and will come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Based on the Exocet 200 frame, this 200 pound hunting crossbow delivers up to 330 FPS of bone crunching power, pinpoint accuracy, and its super comfortable custom designed stock make it a dream to shoot. Supplies are limited, so get in line to avoid being disappointed!


– Velocity @350 Grain: 330 FPS
– Draw Weight: 200 lbs.
– Power Stroke: 15.5″
– Mass Weight: 7.5 lbs.
– Overall Length: 38.5″
– Min. Arrow Weight: 350 grains
– Finish: Custom Laminated Wood Stock

Excalibur Vixen II Crossbow Realtree HD Pink Camo


Crossbow Description

This Hunting Crossbow is producing arrow speeds in excess of 285 FPS, the 150 pound. Vixen II is a high performance crossbow manufactured specifically to fulfill the needs of smaller framed crossbow hunters, and now it’s available in a camo that will tickle the fancy of any huntress.

The Vixen II is now available especially for her, decorated in “Realtree AP Pink ” camouflage using the “Kolorfusion” process for amazing contrast and detail. The Excalibur Pink Camo Vixen II Crossbow is short, light draw and reduced length of pull make it the perfect choice for ladies who want something special and just for them, but don’t be fooled, it still delivers plenty of power, even for North America’s largest game.


– Velocity: 285 FPS
– Draw Weight: 150 lbs.
– Power Stroke: 13.5″
– Mass Weight: 5.9 lbs.
– Overall Length: 35.5″
– Arrow Length: 20″
– Arrow Weight: 325 Grains
– Stock Type: Traditional
– Finish: Custom
Package includes: Bow, rear peep sight, optical front sight

Excalibur Crossbows

Excalibur Crossbows has been on the market for more than 25 years. Excalibur Crossbow is guaranteed to be the world’s most accurate hunting crossbows. Lightning fast, deadly accurate and 100% reliable that what Excalibur Crossbow is famous for. Their recurve limbs generate more speed than compound systems, with less weight, less noise, and no mechanical problems. Below are some of the most popular Excalibur Crossbows For Sale:

Excalibur Exomax Crossbow

One of the fastest hunting crossbows ever produced is Excalibur Exomax Crossbow. With a draw weight of 225 lbs and recurve limb technology, Exomax Crossbows are capable of generate amazing energy and arrow speeds up to 350 FPS without diminishing the reliability and accuracy. Excellent professional-level hunting bow for making long-range kill shots.

Excalibur Equinox Crossbow

The Excalibur Equinox Crossbow is “top of the line” for this legendary crossbow manufacturer. The Equinox Crossbows are designed and built with a reduced overall length, making it easier to cock and steadier to hold. Traditional recurve limbs are capable of produce enough energy to deliver 350 fps velocity and pinpoint accuracy. It is a perfect choice for the professional-grade or serious amateur hunter.

Excalibur Phoenix Crossbows-the world’s most accurate hunting crossbows

Compact, light and incredibly easy to handle Excalibur Phoenix Crossbow is ideal for the smaller hunters of any age or gender. The draw is 14.5 inches, and 175 lbs, and creates 305 fps. The Phoenix Crossbows stores more energy into a smaller crossbow than ever before possible.

Excalibur Vortex Crossbow

The Excalibur Vortex Crossbows are a cutting-edge design piece of equipment. Rugged, durable, compact and lightweight with a user-friendly ergonomic shape has a ton of potential. 15.5-inch power stroke combine with a 200 lb draw weight is capable of create as much as 330 fps arrows velocity. This high-quality standard Vortex Crossbow is easy to use for any hunter, including those who use a crossbow because of physical limitations.

Excalibur Exocet Crossbow

Excalibur Exocet Crossbow is the oldest model from Excalibur product line. Latest Excalibur Exocet 200 w forward mounted limb system creates significantly 15% more energy and flatter trajectories than the original Exocet. Its draw weight 200 lbs creates bone crushing power capable to arrow speed up arrows up to 330 fps and pinpoint accuracy. If you are looking for a fast, rugged, excellent shooting crossbow you should consider the Excalibur Exocet 200 among your first choices.
Great bow for beginners or seasoned hunters.

Excalibur Ibex Crossbow

This compact, lightweight and extremely accurate hunting crossbow is the right choice for people who enjoy marksmanship. Excalibur Ibex Crossbows 175 lb draw weight generates arrow speeds of 305 fps with minimal noise and recoil. Its ergonomically designed handle reduces pressure to wrists and fingers. If you combine this performance with the Ibex’s Crossbow compact frame and light weight you have crossbow that will satisfy your needs.

Excalibur Relayer Crossbow

To commemorate 25th anniversary Excalibur released very limited production Excalibur Relayer Crossbow. Only 1000 of this crossbow model will ever be produced and each is a hand-crafted work of art.
Relayer is equipped it with a 200 lb draw weight and 15.5 inch stroke, which produce create 330 fps velocity. This rare model combines flawlessly the best crossbow technology available.

As you browse through our crossbows for sale selection. We are confident you will find the products you are looking for very competitive prices. More choices added each week.

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Excalibur Equinox Lite Stuff Crossbow Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope


Crossbow Description

The Equinox Crossbow is available with the “Lite Stuff” accessory package, including everything you need to get started crossbow hunting with. The“Lite Stuff” package includes Excalibur’s famous Varizone multiplex crossbowscope plus mounting rings and base for multi-range accuracy, 4 Fireboltlightweight carbon arrows with points, a 4 arrow quiver and mounting bracket to safely and securely hold your arrows, and a rope cocking aid for easy, precise string alignment.


– Velocity: 350 fps*
– Draw Weight: 225 lbs.
– Power Stroke: 16.5″
– Mass Weight: 6.4 lbs
– Overall Length: 38.4″
– Arrow Length: 20″
– Arrow Weight: 350 Grain Min.
– Stock Type: Thumbhole
– Finish: Realtree AP HD

*All arrow speed were obtained using a 350 grain arrow and our optional 1989 Flemish Dyna Flight string.

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